CAIRN Gap Year Program


Thank you for checking out Cairn, our gap year program now being offered at Timber-lee! We are thrilled to be offering a program that will provide opportunities for high school graduates to take a season to invest in cultivating their faith in Christ through intentional discipleship, biblical studies, serving, working, learning and living in a Christ-centered community.
  • Age: Recent High School graduates
  • Start Date: September 5th, 2017
  • Application Date: Applications now being accepted

The Concept Behind the Name

Following a winding footpath, there are times travelers may stumble upon moments of uncertainty in choosing which direction to go. Circumstances may cause the path to no longer be obvious. Stumbling upon a cairn, or stack of rocks, is a tangible sign that someone else has been there before and already marked out a potential path. It becomes a place to stop, and take a moment to look back on where you’ve been, recognizing lessons learned from the journey thus far, but also looking ahead for your next step or marker.

This marker creates a directional change. It silently challenges you to have faith in someone who has already been there. Often times in today’s world, arriving at a place of uncertainty can come across as a bad thing, but in reality it reminds us of the necessity of our faith. Trusting in our Father and His knowledge of what lies ahead and what He has already put in place for us!


The Cairn program begins Early September and concludes at the end of May. Room, board and a service work stipend is provided. The heart of Cairn is to be a Christ-centered program providing young individuals with a structured season in which to encourage, challenge, develop, and reflect. The desire of Cairn is not about just passing time between high school and college, or high school and the work force, but to be an experience that focuses on transforming individual lives. Not an internship but a life experience that develops a foundation for young individuals to build off of, thus gaining a greater understanding of not only themselves, but who they are as a child of God.

Our hope is that this deeper understanding would develop through the following components:

  • Discipleship
  • Biblical studies
  • Serving in camp ministry
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Personality assessments
  • Life skills for independent living
  • Adventure Trips and Retreats

Spiritual Growth

It is our expectation for the individuals in this program to be continually seeking to further and deepen their relationship with Christ. That while living here at Timber-lee they would be striving to glorify the Lord in their actions and thoughts. Spiritual growth will occur as the individual continues to take ownership of their personal walk with Christ. It is our desire to teach, challenge, prepare, and come alongside them as they grow in a deeper, more personal understanding of our Father and their identity in him. Listed below are some of the ways this will be accomplished:

  • Community bible studies
  • Biblical studies and worldviews classes
  • Daily routines of being in the word
  • Mentorship and accountability with Timber-lee staff

Personal Growth

Each young individual will develop or continue cultivating healthy habits that will transfer to any community they encounter in their life, whether college, the workplace, family, friendships or ministries. They will grow through adventure trips and opportunities to challenge themselves physically, spending time in the backyard we have all around us. Taking time to sit and rest in the place created for us to enjoy! Through this process they will be able to look at themselves and grow in the following aspects:

  • Self- confidence
  • Team work
  • Planning and organizing
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Making informed and thoughtful decisions
  • Managing conflict
  • Patience
  • Communicating effectively
  • And much more!

Career Learning opportunities

Individuals will participate in a variety of life and job-skills training as part of this program in some of the following areas: food service, housekeeping, and camp program activities as needed. Life- skills classes may include: financial planning, cooking, résumé building, personality assessments, and volunteering in other ministries. Off-site excursions will allow for exploration of career paths and interests while serving, shadowing, and gaining knowledge to develop as a well-rounded individual.

Community life

Housing will be provided onsite at Timber-lee in a community living space. Living alongside other people in the same stage of life is a privilege that comes with a lot of built in life lessons. The common denominator of a personal relationship with Christ is a wonderful thing that binds people together. Learning to respect, communicate, and challenge one another are all transferable into future communities Cairn participants may encounter, and a priceless opportunity to grow.

Financial Details


$ 6,260 Potential Student Gross Work Income

$ 3,240 CAIRN Student Program Cost

$ 3,020 Potential Student Gross Income

Program Costs includes all program materials, housing, meal plan, travel costs, conference or retreat fees, etc


Contact Marissa Haskins.

262.642.7345 ext. 264


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