Field Experience

Timber Challenge Track (8 interns)

The Timber Challenge (TC) department is responsible for the delivery of Timber-lee’s challenge course programs. This includes our 900’ zip lines; 23-element two-level high ropes course; 40’ climbing tower; and a variety of outdoor recreational offerings including archery, canoeing, and cross country skiing. While all necessary technical training is provided, interns selecting this departmental track should possess a true love of outdoor recreation and adventure, the ability to work in all types of weather, and a tolerance of working at heights.

Departmental Specific Benefits Include:

*Receive rope challenge course training that meets or exceeds current industry standards.

*Accrue documented instructor hours running ropes challenge activities commonly found in the camping world, such as zip lines, climbing walls, ropes course, and more. These hours are helpful if desiring practitioner/manager certification through various industry associations (e.g. PRCA, ACCT).

*Access professional discounts on personal safety equipment and other related items.

Science Education Center Track (5 interns)

The Science Education Center (SEC) at Timber-lee is a state-of-the-art 14,000sq.ft. facility that houses more than 75 species, ten indoor classrooms, and more than 35 different interactive displays. SEC interns gain experience in teaching and leading groups of students ranging from pre-k to 8th grade (predominately focusing on 5th-6th grade) in a variety of environmental science and outdoor skills classes. A SEC-based intern has the opportunity to walk away with enough skill and philosophy to build an Outdoor Education program from the ground up. Training is provided, but SEC interns must be able to work with various types of animals, traverse varied terrain, and possess excellent communication skills.

Departmental Specific Benefits Include:

*Public speaking, teaching, and group facilitation experience in varied situations, such as group size and level of formality.

*Understanding of the dynamics of effective communication.

*Understanding of what makes an effective program tool, such as lesson plans and evaluations.

Saddle Horn Ranch Track (2 interns)

The Saddle Horn Ranch (SHR) is home to Timber-lee’s 45+ horses, animal farm, and leathercraft and blacksmith shops. Interns choosing the SHR departmental track will spend their time in the saddle guiding trail rides, on the ground caring for the horses and other farm animals, and in the classrooms teaching students how to safely maneuver on and around a horse. Interns will also learn how to operate our tractor to drive hayrides, teach leather craft projects, and explain the role different types of animals play in a farm. While training is provided, SHR interns must have experience and be comfortable both on and around horses, and also possess the ability to work in all types of weather.

Departmental Specific Benefits Include:

*Gaining the knowledge of how a horse program works in a Christian camping setting including horse care, safety, use of farm equipment, and the many aspects of overseeing an educational horse program.

*Learning how a leather shop operates and how it provides a valuable tool at a Christian camp.

*Acquiring the skills that are needed to help young people overcome fears of riding and working with animals that are so much larger and stronger than they are.

*A staff trip to the Midwest Horse Fair held in Madison, WI.